About Central Council of Indian Medicine


The Central Council of Indian Medicine is the statutory body constituted under the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970 vide gazette notification extraordinary part (ii) section 3(ii) dated 10.8.71.


Since its establishment in 1971, the Central Council has been framing on and implementing various regulations including the Curricula and Syllabii in Indian Systems of Medicine viz. Ayurved, Siddha and Unani Tibb at Under-graduate and Post-graduate level. The Sowa Rigpa System of Medicine is included in the Central Council of Indian Medicine from the year 2012 as per Gazette Notification No. 2345 dated 16.12.2011. Now, all the Colleges of Indian Systems of Medicine are affiliated to various Universities in the Country. These Colleges are following the minimum standards of education and Curricula and Syllabii, prescribed by Central Council.


  The main object of the Central Council are as under :-


    To prescribe minimum standards of education in Indian Systems of Medicine viz. Ayurved, Siddha, Unani Tib. and Sowa Rigpa.

    To recommend Central Government in matters relating to recognition (inclusion/withdrawal) of medical qualifications in/from Second Schedule to Indian

        Medicine Central Council Act, 1970.

    To maintain a Central Register of Indian Medicine and revise the Register from time to time.

    To prescribe Standards of Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics to be observed by the practitioners.

    To consider and furnish the recommendation to Government of India on proposal received from various institutes from Government of India for

        establishment of new colleges of Indian Systems of Medicine, to increase intake capacity in Under-graduate, Post-graduate and to start new

        or Post-graduate additional subjects.